Bracket for Gamepad
Bracket for Gamepad
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Product: Bracket for attaching a gamepad.
Purpose: Support for wall-mounted storage of the gamepad.
Material: steel with polymer coating.
Bracket type, color and date of manufacture – see the label on the box.

Contents of delivery:
- two supports;
- two dowels tchappai 6/25;
- two screws st 4.2x25;
- two pieces of double-sided 3M duct tape with the size of 20x35mm.

The color of the product on the photo at the website may differ from the color of the actual product. This is connected with to the distortion of the color reproduction of Your monitor, adjustments of photographic apparatus and other factors.
A small section with the absence of paint on the non-specific part of the product is allowed. This is connected with the peculiarities of the technology of polymer painting and does not in any way affect the external and operational characteristics of the product.

Assembly instructions:
The support can be mounted using the dowel and screw, which are supplied with the support, on a vertical flat surface: concrete or brick wall, wooden surfaces with a thickness from 5 mm.

For mounting on concrete or brick walls:
- attach support to the wall with rear part and mark the attachment point on the wall with a screw;
- set aside the support and make a hole in the wall with perforating machine with the depth 25 mm;
- for internal drilling use earth boring machine on concrete with the diameter of 6 mm;
- before drilling a wall, we recommend to check with multi-operated sensor the absence of hidden engineering networks in the wall at the place of drilling;
- if the detector locates latent engineering networks in the place of drilling, we recommend to choose another free place for fixing;
- the manufacturer is not responsible for damaged latent engineering networks in case of failure to follow the recommendations for mounting the support;
- insert the dowel with aperture tchappai 6/25 as supplied;
- the dowel should not protrude from the wall;
- screw by halves in dowel the screw st 4.2x25, as supplied;
- use the screwdriver PH1 in order to twist in the screw;
- suspend the support on the screw and tighten the screw, making sure that the support is suspended steadily;
- the support is ready for use;
- in addition to the gamepad, you can suspend on the support headphones or twisted wires, the permissible weight is up to 500 grams.
The support can be mounted using double-sided 3M duct tape with the size of 20x35mm, which is supplied with support.

Recommendations for installation using 3M duct tape included from the kit:
- the mounting surface of the support must be vertical, even, smooth and dry;
- not suitable for installation: surfaces covered with wallpaper; surfaces painted with peeling paint; wooden, cardboard and paper surfaces; surfaces with deep texture; surfaces that heat up;
- before installation, clean and defat the surfaces to which you paste 3M duct tape;
- remove from duct tape yellow protective film and paste 3M duct tape on the rear part of the support, pressing firmly;
- choose the place of fixation of bracket, remove the red protective film of 3M duct tape, firmly press the support to the chosen fixation point;
- wait for 24 hours;
- the support is ready for use;
- in addition to the gamepad, you can suspend the headphones or twisted wires on the support, the permissible weight is up to 250 grams.

We recommend using the mounting method - with a screw, as the most durable and resistant to loads.

We use cardboard and paper wrapper in the package of our products, which can be easily recycled. On the possibility of recycling of packing we ask to verify at the place of your location.

Used goods are subject to recycling.

The manufacturer reserves the right to make changes in technical specifications, scope of supply and design that do not deteriorate performance specifications of the products, without prior notice.

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Gomel, Babushkina st., 1, building 1.

The warranty period is 1 year.
Service life – 5 years.

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